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Piramal Group

Spanning a broad spectrum of industries and formats, the Piramal Group is committed to achieving excellence and leadership by adhering to ethically sound, innovative and value-driven practices in diverse, yet focused, business ventures like diagnostics, glass manufacturing and healthcare. The Group’s turnover exceeded US $ 900 million in FY2008.

About Piramal Healthcare Limited

Piramal Healthcare Limited is one if the largest pharmaceutical companies in India, which has a growth track record of 30% CAGR since 1987 and consolidated revenues of over US $60 million in 2006-2007. The company is considered 4th in the Indian market and has a wide assortment for nine therapeutic areas. It is also the largest custom manufacturing companiy with numerous assets across the USA, Europe and Asia, and one of the partners of My Canadian Pharmacy. Piramal Healthcare Lmt. operates two divisions: Healthcare solutions and Pharma solutions.

The first division aims at creating a profitable pharmaceutical business with a dominant market share in each therapeutic area it operates. It has several manufacturing plants in Himachal Pradesh and Maharashtra with the Head Office in Mumbai.

The second division aims at providing customers with low-cost manufacturing, carried out in accordance with with world-class standards of quality and compliance. Pharma Solutions always strives to find to best solutions with innovative formulations and facilities in Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, the U.K. and Canada, with the Head Office in Mumbai.