Formulations Facilities – U.K.

The Morpeth site has three discrete formulation areas including containment suite for high potency products, specialist press coating technology and general purpose formulation area

The conatainment suite is presently utilized for manufacturing Female Healthcare products (estrogen and progesterone formulations) and can be utilized for manufacturing other high potency products

The press-coated technology (tablet-in-tablet) at NPIL Pharma is a distinctive technology for manufacturing combination therapy products (e.g. diclofenac sodium + misoprostol). The processes for compressing tablets around cores have been perfected over the last 20 yrs and the site has an excellent quality record with rejects in the parts per billion levels only

The Ethical formulations suite has large scale manufacturing equipment with a range of compression and coating equipment

Dispensary with downflow booths and bulk conveying system

  • 400 ltr high shear granulator
  • 4 drying ovens, one with solvent handling capability
  • Dry granulation area with Kemutec double milling and vacuum conveying system
  • Bin blender and 10 1000 litre gallay bins
  • Compression and encapsulation suite including 2 Killian T300/40 compression machines, 1 Killian T300/38 compression machine, 1 Hofliger & Karg encapsulator, 1 MG2 Futura encapsulator
  • 2 coating suites
  • Purified water system