SHE Policy

We will not hurt anyone, annoy or alarm our neighbours or harm the environment

  • Torcan Canada is a part of Responsible CareĀ® Program of the Canadian Chemical Producers Association (CCPA)
  • Our UK sites are a part of UK Chemical Industries Association Responsible CareĀ® Program
  • The Morpeth site has been following the DuPont EHS program (STOP) since 1992 and received safety awards from Monsanto from 1992-2001.
  • The Morpeth site has been consistently rated as one of the top 5 Pfizer sites for EHS performance

Responsible Care Program

    • NPIL Pharma’s Indian sites are cited for high safety standards and zero-discharge systems and have a Class 10,000 downflow area for low bio-burden processing
    • We have established systems across all sites for
      • Safety in R&D;, Transportation, Distribution, Manufacturing and Waste Management
      • Community Awareness
      • Emergency Response

 Certificate: Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control Board